Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Thai Zo School's sponsored students

Again and again i am back to Siem Reap to do "a little bit of charity and giving" to Cambodia children. You may ask again and again: "Why Cambodia?" My answer is still the same: "Why not? For a country that giving me an opportunity to learn about giving, for children who live in poverty that need help and support....and charity have no boundaries.

Colors of Cambodia ( www.colorsofcambodia.org ) is welcome you to join this mission whenever you are ready. Every December, it's time for me and a group of friends to go to Siem Reap, home visit our sponsored students, giving art workshop, music and movement workshop, and English workshop. 

How often are we doing reflection on our life? What have we receiving throughout the year? Isn't it is time for us to give back to the society? In fact, i slow down...and look into my inner self deeply each time i travel to Siem Reap. 

Because of this country, I have learned so much. I realised that i am receiving so much since the day i born. Not even need to think of my parent can effort to buy me a school uniform or not. Nor, it is time to stop schooling but to work. We all know that education is very important, but not for the family who live under privilege, who may not know if they can earn enough for today's meal.   

Project of sponsoring schooling items for Cambodian students have been run for 2 years. Eventually from 30 students and now up to 100 students. I thank friends who have supported this education project in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It has given the opportunity to those students who live in poverty to go back to school each new year.

 I have no idea how many children will drop their schooling every new year, not even the head master of Thai Zo knows. One of the reason is that the families cannot afford to buy school uniforms, shoes (slippers), stationary etc. Another is that families need help to earn a living.

I am very grateful to friends who have followed me, and continuing support this project in Dec 2013 to Siem Reap. We will be offered art & craft lessons and singing & dancing workshops at Thai Zo school. Without their support, this project will not be so complete.

Each visit is life lesson for us to learn, and giving us deep thoughts about what life really means.

Once again, A BIG BIG Thank you to everyone.